About Us


At KYR Preserved Corp. we make handcrafted, small batch gourmet preserved food all of which is made in Toronto, Ontario.

Our mission is
     “Bringing artisanal, food-focused, flavor- driven, small batch preserved food to your kitchen”

Handcrafted with only the freshest and all-natural ingredients.

Our founder, Chef Yuri Kim, grew up seeing her mother prepare creative dishes for family and friends, creating in her a deep connection to food and cooking. She started her culinary career in Australia learning the intricacies of French cuisine. After understanding the concepts of various known cuisines of the world, she made the move to Toronto and worked as a chef for world renowned hotels and fine dining restaurants. Through her experience she learned about many types of preserved foods from around the world, which later became a passion of her's leading a variety of authentic and contemporary creations.

At KYR Preserved we pride ourselves on keeping it local.
We try purchase local ingredients produced here in Ontario, never using GMO ingredients, preservatives, or fillers.
We pride ourselves on using the finest, and the freshest ingredients, as well as supporting local businesses while creating truly unique flavours.

We work tirelessly to bring you the precision of fine dining, and the fusion of flavours found around the world to your table.