Sticky Gochujang BBQ Sauce

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This fabulous sauce has a ton of flavour that is sweet and salty with a little spicy kick from the gochujang, and a whole lot of sticky in all the best ways.

This BBQ sauce is Korean-inspired. It brings the whole umami flavour into one cohesive, well-rounded flavour.

The flavour is guaranteed, you’ll be topping it on all the different cuts of meat you can find! You'll be raving about it to all your friends.

This is all purpose BBQ sauce which you can use on all meats that you love. Nonetheless, it is absolutely outstanding with chicken.


Ketchup, Gochujang, Korean Chilli Pepper, Garlic, Barley Malt Syrup, Soy Sauce, Mirin, Worcestershire Sauce, Black Peppercorns

Storage/Shelf life:

Keep in fridge even if it’s not opened.
Once you often, you can enjoy up to 8 months in fridge.
If it’s unopened, in fridge, up to 1 year.
In room temperature, up to 6 months.


Small Batch Handcrafted in Toronto, ON.
A devilish concoction of tomatoes and spices!
No Dairy • Non GMO • No Preservatives