Mille Feuille Nabe


Mille Feuille Nabe with ‘Scotch Bonnet & Sichuan Pepper’ Sauce.

In cold days, nothing is better than a hot meal.
Layers of thinly sliced beef alternating with fresh napa cabbage, perilla leaves and mushrooms cooked in a light broth.
Dip in ‘Scotch Bonnet & Sichuan Pepper’ sauce, no words need!! 😋😍🥰

Mille Feuille Nabe is a perfect dish for a special occasion. The hot-pot is healthy, light on the stomach, easy, warm and fun to eat for your winter nights! 

· 10 leaves Napa cabbage
· 300 g Shabu Shabu Beef
· 20 leaves Perilla leaves (or Bok choy 200 g)
· 100 g Radish/Daikon (paper thinly sliced)
· 3 ea Shiitake mushrooms
· 3.5 cups Beef bone broth (season with salt)
• Scotch Bonnet & Sichuan Pepper’ sauce

* You can add Enoki Mushroom or Shimeji mushroom
* You can use any kind of stock, even dashi as well.


1. Start with a cabbage leaf. Place two pieces of perilla leaves on top of the cabbage leaf. Then place two beef slices on top. Put another piece of cabbage leaf on top. Then place another layer of perilla leaves and beef slices. Finish the stack by topping it off with a third cabbage leaf.
2. Repeat this process until you have used up all of your leaves or other ingredients. Cut each stack into thirds with a knife.
3. In a pot, layer out with the radish and assemble the veggie layers onto the radish. Finish the pot by placing mushroomsin the middle.
4. Gently pour your broth into the pot. Turn on a high heat until you can hear the pot boiling. Then reduce the pot to a medium heat and let it continue to simmer.
5. When you see that the beef has fully cooked through (like shabu-shabu), it is ready to eat. Take out one stack, dip in ‘Scotch Bonnet & Sichuan Pepper’ sauce and enjoy!



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